merle harton


Twelve Stories from New Orleans | ISBN 978-0-9824302-0-0
Written during a period of exile in Louisiana, this new collection continues Merle Harton's trademark literary style—the stories are at once preposterous, sardonic, and irreverently funny.

The Man Who Rowed Lake Pontchartrain | ISBN 1-4134-6394-0 | ISBN 1-4134-6393-2
Written during a period of exile in Louisiana, The Man Who Rowed Lake Pontchartrain charts the course of a man who must make sense of a friend's death and the unusual hobby of another. Through ten stories and a fable, the reader is taken into an extraordinary world where madness happens, goodness is challenged, and people confront a fate that may not be as it appears. Whether with sadness or humor, paranoia or boldness, the characters all face obstacles which mark the unique boundaries of human understanding, as they strive to live in a world with a complex, opaque design.

Signor Faranta's Iron Theatre | ISBN 978-0-9178601-3-3
Signor Faranta began his career in New Orleans in 1883 with a borrowed tent, borrowed money, and much ingenuity; he became the owner of one of the most successful variety theaters in the city. This photo-illustrated book recounts the history of the first iron theatre in New Orleans, provides a complete schedule of vaudeville entertainments offered by its proprietor from 1883 to 1889, and includes biographical information about Signor Faranta (the pseudonym of contortionist and showman Frederick William Stempel). Written with Boyd Cruise.

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